Waycotts Orchard

How to find us...

Waycotts Orchard is just a hundred yards up Merrifield Rd from the junction of Jordan Street & Barn Park, on the right hand side.

Parking is limited to one space, for drop off only. If driving you need to park at the end of Jordan street or Barn park & walk up.

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About the site...

1893 OS Map

We have found records dating back as far as 1887, when the site was known as Grove Orchard.

It was registered as Waycotts Orchard in 1925 and used as an Orchard and store up to the time when it became a Builders Yard and garage in 1951. During this time the fruit trees died or were grubbed out and ash and sycamore begun to dominate the site. Also a row of fir trees were planted and rapidly grew up to 10 metres or more.

We took the site on in May 2006, it was in a state of ruin and had become a general dumping ground. From that date to now, we have been trying to get it back to an orchard and vegetable garden, with the latest addition being the Forest School sessions.

We have established a market garden with salad and vegetables for ourselves and surplus being sold locally. We are using no chemicals or fertilisers and implementing permaculture principles as far as possible. We see the Forest School sessions as an integral part of this process.


Contact Neil Martin at...
34 Chapel Street,
Buckfastleigh, Devon
TQ11 0AB

07974 414323